Medical Imaging


This diagnostic medical imaging technique uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the body on the screen. It does not use ionising radiation. It is safe for everyone including, pregnant women, Children, Adults- Male and Female- and the Elderly. Some of our Ultrasound Services include Pelvic scan, Abdominal scan, Pregnancy scan, Children scan, Breast scan, Transvaginal scan, Thyroid scan, Prostate scan, Eye (Ocular) scan, Vascular (Obstetrics and other parts Doppler) scan, and Heart scan (Echocardiography).


Ultrasound FAQs

Yes. Ultrasound scan is safe. It does not use ionizing radiation.
Generally, ultrasound scan is a painless examination; occasionally and depending on the type of scan done, patients may feel some slight discomfort. This is usually due to posture during the procedure or the morbidity/disease process.
Yes. Children can undergo Ultrasound scans. Anybody can undergo an ultrasound scan.
No. Ultrasound scan makes use of sound waves. These sound waves are at a frequency that is not audible to the human ears.
No. Non-pregnant women, men, children, infants, neonates, newborns can undergo Ultrasound scan.
No. Ultrasound scan is not invasive. It involves smearing a neutral, odourless ultrasound gel on the part of the body to be scanned using a probe or transducer.
Yes. An ultrasound scan can be done on the legs if the blood vessels or muscles of the legs are suspected to be diseased. Any part of the body scan be scanned including the eyes, thyroid, neck, back, breast, chest, abdomen, arms, hands, legs, feet, scrotum, etc
Generally, no elaborate preparation is required. However, for certain scans, the patient may be required to come fasting, or to have a full urinary bladder, etc.
No. But in some types of ultrasound scans, especially those involving blood vessels, up to 20-25mins may be required.
Compared to CT scans and MRI, Ultrasound scans are very cheap and affordable.

Emergency Cases

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