Medical Imaging

Digital Radiography (X-ray)

X-ray is the conventional and oldest medical imaging tool. They are used to view images of the bones and other structures in the body. X-rays can detect fractures, infections (pneumonia, osteomyelitis), calcifications (kidney stones), tumours, arthritis, and bone loss. Our digital x-ray system provides high picture quality and ensures accurate diagnosis.

departMr Everest Okpara is the chief advocate of the Company. He has been instrumental in making strategic decisions and policy formulations for the Company. He is known for being credible, courageous, focused, innovative, driven and result oriented. He holds an MBA degree in Business Administration and Management, B.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the Lagos State University, a certificate in Healthcare Management from Lagos Business School and a certificate in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, U.S.A. Mr Everest has been a force in investigative medicine for over seventeen (17) years. He is a philanthropist who has made extensive contributions to the social and economic development of his community.

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