Everight Diagnostic & Laboratory Services Limited is a leading medical imaging and medical laboratory diagnostic service provider in Nigeria. Our highly skilled medical professionals, experienced personnel, cutting-edge technologies, timely and accurate results, and the ambience of our centres have distinguished us and made us the preferred choice in the medical diagnostic industry over the years. As a point of reference in the medical diagnostic industry, Everight Diagnostics has continued to extend its reach through excellent services, innovation, total quality management and control, resourcefulness, integrity and teamwork.

Our Belief

There is no ‘box’ in our quest to enhance improvement.

Our Vision

A world-class medical tourism destination & provider of diagnostic services with the capacity to service the needs of Nigerians and clients from other parts of the world.

Our Mission

To become a world-class medical tourism destination & provider of diagnostic services through the provision of accurate diagnostic services, benchmarking world-class standards, implementing standards procedures with the latest technologies, employment of experienced professionals and administrative expertise.


These encapsulate the guiding principles that dictate our behaviours and actions towards the actualisation of our goals.

Excellent Service

Total Quality Management
and Control




Our Team

Mr Everest Okpara
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Mrs Roseline Okpara
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Mr Ugwu Jude Anene
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Professor Godwin Chukwuemeka Ojiegbe
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Dr Ezra Agbo
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Dr Andrew Emeka Emedoh
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Dr Segun Samson Akindokun
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Dr Ikenna Philip Nnabuenyi
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Dr Simeon Ojonuba Omonoji
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Aloysius Sopuruchukwu Aleke
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Dr. Chidozie Elochukwu Agu
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Awards & Recognition

The Company’s contributions to the development of healthcare have attracted recognition and awards from several professional and humanitarian bodies within Nigeria and the rest of the world. Some of them include:

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You can lodge a complaint by filling the form on our contact page (embed link). For general customer service inquiries, you can send us a message at info@everightlab.com or call us at +2348155515100.
Please call the appropriate Imaging location for assistance.
Abuja- +2348155515100
Imo- +2348168812732
Lagos- +2348091800773
Depending on the investigation, samples are taken on a first-come basis taking into account emergency cases.
Routine investigation results are generally available within 30mins to 2hrs of collection depending on the nature/test requested. However, some investigations are more involved and may take longer. You will be duly informed by the client service department on when the results will be available.
You can book your test result online or by email/WhatsApp messenger, however, there are some sensitive results that would require you to visit the centre for result collection, you will be duly advised by the customer care unit.
Results can be picked by a proxy whom you have given specific instructions. The proxy will be asked to produce a means of identification and also a copy of the receipt for the test done. However, sensitive results would not be released to proxies as the case may be
No. It is the policy of Everight Diagnostics to utilize single-use sterile equipment when taking blood samples from patients. Our staff are trained in infection control.
You can simply walk into the office during lab hours to have our counselling doctor advise you on what diagnostic tests to do.

departMr Everest Okpara is the chief advocate of the Company. He has been instrumental in making strategic decisions and policy formulations for the Company. He is known for being credible, courageous, focused, innovative, driven and result oriented. He holds an MBA degree in Business Administration and Management, B.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the Lagos State University, a certificate in Healthcare Management from Lagos Business School and a certificate in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, U.S.A. Mr Everest has been a force in investigative medicine for over seventeen (17) years. He is a philanthropist who has made extensive contributions to the social and economic development of his community.